Cinema Festival to Recognize Ze'ev Revach

The Cinema South festival, which is due to open on May 30 at the Sderot Cinemateque, will honor the work of veteran actor and director Ze'ev Revach.

Five of the films Revach directed will be shown at the festival: "Adon Leon" (1982 ), "Gonev Miganav Patoor" (1977 ), "Ha-Muvtal Batito" (1987 ), "Tipat Mazal" (1992 ) and "Rak Hayom" (1976 ).

Revach, 70, is a graduate of the Beit Zvi acting school who has performed in both stage and film. To date, he has acted in some 30 films - some of which, like "Hasamba," "Hagiga B'Snooker" and "Charlie Ve'hetzi," developed a local cult following. In 2002, he received the Ophir Award, Israel's Oscar, for best actor for his role in "Beitar Provence," directed by Ori Inbar.

'Subversiveand critical'

The festival decided to honor Revach, who was often assailed by critics and ignored by academic researchers of the cinema, because "a renewed look at his movies shows that they are critical, subversive, Israeli and Mediterranean texts, both in form and in content," according to the press statement announcing the event.

Some local films will also have their first screenings at the festival. The festival will open on May 30 with a film by Doron Tsabari and Ori Inbar, "Hamadrich Le'mahapecha" ("The Guide to Revolution" ), and will close on June 3 with Avi Nesher's new film, "Pa'am Hayiti." Avishai Sivan's film "Ha'Meshotet" ("The Wanderer" ), which was selected for screening at this year's Cannes Film Festival, will also be shown, as will two new films by Yaky Yosha, "Hineh Ani Holech" and "Har Ha'osher."