Charges Filed in Tax Authority Case

Shula Zaken, who served as bureau chief for former prime minister Ehud Olmert, was charged on Thursday for allegedly engaging in bribery to influence promotions within the Tax Authority.

Former Tax Authority director Jacky Matza has also been indicted for misconduct in the same affair.

The investigation into the case focused on allegations of bribery and breach of trust involving two businessmen and political operators with manifold interests within the Tax Authority - Kobi Ben-Gur and Yoram Karashi (who is Zaken's brother) - and senior tax officials, chiefly Matza.

Zaken, who was office manager for Olmert when he was finance minister and prime minister, was investigated and charged with fraud and breach of trust.

The primary finding of the investigation shows that Karashi and Ben-Gur, along with Zaken, facilitated Matza's appointment as Tax Authority director.

Matza was indicted on charges of bribery and Karashi was charged with bribing senior tax authority officials.

Four other former senior tax officials were indicted as well, including Ben-Gur, who is charged with bribing Matza and other tax officials.

Karashi and Ben Gur's influence derived in part from Matza's obligation to them for promising to help him be appointed director.