Channel 10 Commentator Raviv Drucker Sues Yedioth Aharonot, Ynet

Drucker suing over story called 'Dilettante Drucker,' which he says was intended to sully him.

Channel 10 commentator and presenter Raviv Drucker is suing the daily Yedioth Ahronoth and its Web site Ynet for NIS 1 million over a story published under the headline "Dilettante Drucker."

Drucker is also suing Yedioth Ahronoth editor Shilo de Beer and reporter Raz Shechnik, who wrote the August 8 story, which appeared in the newspaper's weekend magazine and on Ynet. He is demanding the paper and Web site post a correction and apology.

Drucker, whose attorney Boaz Ben Zion presented the suit yesterday, says the story was filled with falsehoods and inaccuracies and was intended to sully him in revenge for his criticism of the newspaper, its editor and reporter Nahum Barnea.

Drucker said that six days before the story ran, Shechnik sent him a list of questions, which he answered the following day. After receiving the impression that the story was going to be biased, Drucker had his attorney send the paper a warning letter, to which he received no reply, he says.

Drucker says that among other falsehoods, the story alleges that he pretended to be a lawyer - a criminal offense - and that when he returned from his studies in the United States, Army Radio refused to take him back. Drucker denies these allegations, and says his response did not appear in the story.

All this constitutes malicious libel and damaged him and his reputation, Drucker says.