Cartoon Art Prize Goes to Belgian-born Michel Kichka

The Tel Aviv municipality has decided to award the 2008 prize for excellence in cartoon art to Michel Kichka, a 54-year-old Belgian-born artist who immigrated to Israel in 1973.

The Dosh prize committee - co-chaired by former Haaretz editor-in-chief, Hanoch Marmari, and illustrators, Nissim Hizkiyahu and Yossi Abulafia - cited Kichka's "long-standing contribution to the reflection of the Israeli experience with a critical eye, a sure hand and a loving heart" in giving him the award and the NIS 16,000 prize money.

Kichka will receive the Dosh prize - so named after cartoon artist, Kariel Gardosh - as part of the Sokolow Prize for Excellence in Journalism. Past laureates of the prize, which is given out every other year, include Haaretz's Amos Biderman, Friedel Stern and Shmuel Katz.