Careless Truck Driver Snarles Geha Traffic

A military truck smashed into a pedestrian bridge over the Geha Highway near Givat Shmuel shortly before the evening rush hour, causing extensive traffic jams and inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of drivers.

Two police officers who witnessed the accident arrested the truck driver, a civilian, who continued driving after hitting the bridge at around 4 P.M. No pedestrians or drivers were injured in the crash.

The driver denied hitting the bridge and refused to answer further police questions. An initial investigation indicates that if the truck's loader attachment had been closed, as it was supposed to be, the vehicle would have passed under the bridge without a problem.

Fearing the bridge might collapse, police stopped traffic in both directions for several minutes. Northbound traffic was allowed to resume after Public Works Authority engineers determined there was no immediate risk of collapse, but southbound traffic was held up for about 90 minutes.

Police closed down the Geha Highway again at 10 P.M. so the engineers could reexamine the bridge and consider its removal, if necessary. The road was due to reopen at 5 A.M. today.