U.K.'s Cameron Raps Labor Leader Miliband Over Vote on Palestine

'That is who you are now faced with leading Labor,' says PM in reference to Ed Miliband's decision to allow his MPs a free vote on recognition.


British Prime Minister David Cameron positioned himself as Israel's true friend, deriding Labor leader Ed Miliband over the U.K. parliament's recent vote on recognizing a Palestinian state, the Jewish Chronicle reported Wednesday.

"That is who you are now faced with leading Labor," Cameron told more than 700 people at a Westminster lunch, assailing Miliband's decision to allow MPs a "free vote" on the issue in the Commons in October.

The symbolic motion passed 274-12, with many Conservative MPs abstaining by staying away from the Commons.

Cameron asserted that the Conservative Party would always support "the homeland of the Jewish people," according to the Chronicle. He described Israel as an "oasis of freedom" and a "symbol of success."

A dozen Conservative cabinet members along with hundreds of party MPs, peers and supporters were at the event, according to the Chronicle.