Cab Drivers Protest Hike in Fuel Price

During the course of the day, police arrested 44 cab drivers who were involved in unlawful actions on the streets of the city, blocking intersections, driving slowly in convoys to snarl traffic and attempting to block the Ayalon Highway. The cab drivers are protesting the 20 percent increase in the price of diesel fuel, which constitutes some 20 percent of their expenses. They also charge that the Transportation Ministry has "flooded" the market by issuing too many cab licenses. "There is one taxi for every 350 people in Israel; whereas in other Western countries, the ratio is one taxi to every 800-1,000 people," said Yehuda Bar Or, chairman of the Dan Region Taxi Drivers Union. The cab drivers are also protesting what they say are the disproportionately high insurance premiums that they are forced to pay. "Yesterday's protest was just the start of the struggle, which will be renewed in the coming days," Bar Or added.