Brother, Family Reject Criticism

Moshe Katsav's family members are well aware of the widespread criticism the former president is facing following his two-hour diatribe Thursday against his accusers, the police, the media and various government bodies. Nonetheless, they remain unshakably convinced of his innocence.

Katsav's brother Lior told Haaretz, "Attorney General Menachem Mazuz abused his position at least once - if he had proof of rape, why enter a plea bargain a year ago? And if he doesn't have proof, why file a rape indictment now?"

"It was a long press conference, but we should deal less with the length of the speech and what accompanied it, and more on the content, on his claims, which demand real soul-searching by the police, state prosecutor and attorney general," he said.

Katsav's son Noam told Haaretz it is unacceptable that his father "claimed the attorney general misled the High Court, and all the press addresses is the dismissal of media advisers Moti Morel and Ronen Tzur."