British PM Under Increased Pressure Over Policies on Gaza

David Cameron urged to press Israel to lift restrictions on Gaza; Liberal Democrats call for suspended arms export licenses to Israel.


British Prime Minister David Cameron is coming under increased pressure over his government's policies on Gaza, after a cross-party parliamentary committee urged him to press Israel to lift restrictions on trade and travel in the Strip.

The Commons International Development Committee says travel and trade curbs on Gazans are not "proportionate" and that some are contrary to Israel's obligations under international law.

The committee on Wednesday called on Britain to "encourage Israeli authorities to lift those restrictions, which are not justified by security needs."

Cameron is under fire for his support of Israel. Disputes within his Conservative Party were laid bare Tuesday when a prominent member of Cameron's camp, Sayeeda Warsi, resigned as Foreign Office minister in protest at what she called Cameron's "morally indefensible" stance on Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats are calling on Britain to suspend arms export licenses to Israel, adding to the pressure Cameron is facing over Gaza, the BBC reported. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the Israeli operation in Gaza had "overstepped the mark."

Cameron's office said a review of arms export licenses was already underway, the BBC said.