British PM Chides Labor MP for Gaza Remark

Backbencher equated Israel Defense Forces with Islamist extremists.


British Prime Minister David Cameron hit back this week at a Labor MP who tried to equate British Jews serving in the Israel Defense Forces and British citizens fighting for Islamist extremists in the Middle East, a number of local websites have reported.

Grahame Morris, the backbencher for Easington, asked: Given the strong evidence of Israeli war crimes in Gaza - we have heard about 500 children being killed under a terrible bombardment - will British citizens fighting in the Israel defense forces be treated in the same way as those returning from Syria and Iraq?"

Cameron countered that while "the loss of civilian life was unacceptable, and it is right that these matters are properly investigated," it was important to remember that "Hamas rockets raining down on Israel" started the conflict.

" I think that the hon. Gentleman, when he looks at his words, will come to regret drawing a comparison between a soldier fighting in the Israel defense forces and a terrorist returning from Syria.

MP Morris has been vocal in his support of Gaza during the conflict. In August, he spearheaded a petition to the government to send a Royal Navy medical ship and humanitarian aid to support Gaza residents.