British PM: Two-state Solution Beginning to Look Impossible

David Cameron expresses concern over civilian casualties while calling for immediate cease-fire.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron.Credit: Reuters

British Prime Minister David Cameron called Wednesday for an "unconditional, immediate humanitarian cease-fire" in Gaza, warning that future prospects of a two-state solution were quickly dwindling.

"The facts on the ground are beginning to make a two-state solution impossible," Cameron told a crowd at a question-and-answer session in Warrington, Cheshire, according to a British daily called the Harborough Mail.

Cameron called the events in Gaza "completely tragic and ghastly" and said "the loss of life is appalling," but blamed Hamas for violating several cease-fires.

"Hamas continue the rocket attacks that are not aimed at military targets or political targets. They are aimed, indiscriminately, into Israel in order to do the maximum damage they possibly can," said Cameron.

The prime minister also announced 3 million pounds (a little over $5 million) in supplemental aid for Gaza.

Britain had already donated 7 million pounds in aid, but announced the addition "to help make sure the people in Gaza have the basic necessities of life, the food, the shelter and the assistance that they need."

Two weeks ago, U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg called Israeli airstrikes "deliberately disproportionate," accusing Israel of "collective punishment leading to a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which is just unacceptable."