Brig. Gen. Imad Fares Punished for Lying About Car Crash

A senior IDF officer was convicted on Sunday for allowing his wife to drive an army-issued car contrary to regulations and for lying about a traffic accident she was involved in while driving the car.

The former commander of Division 91, Brig. Gen. Imad Fares, was sentenced to a reprimand and a warning at a disciplinary hearing before Israel Defense Forces Deputy Chief of Staff Benny Gantz.

Despite the relatively light sentence, Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi is expected to terminate Fares' military career.

Fares was brought to a disciplinary hearing before Maj. Gen. Dan Biton some two weeks ago, but refused to be tried by him, arguing that Biton had already made up his mind to convict him on the basis of the Military Advocate General's opinion.

Last July it was uncovered that Fares had falsified a report to the army about a fender bender involving his wife, who was driving Fares' army-issued car. Fares wrote in the report that he had been in the car while his wife was driving at the time of the accident, although he wasn't.

IDF regulations forbid IDF career officers' spouses to drive the army's cars unless the officer is in the car as well.

Later, reporting the incident to his commanders, Fares lied and said he had been in the car with his wife when the accident occurred. But the next day he admitted having lied.

Gantz convicted him on two counts - falsifying a written report, for which he was reprimanded, and breaking army regulations, for which he received a warning.

After the incident Fares' appointment as course commander for company and battalion commanders was suspended. Fares said at first he would resign from the IDF but later changed his mind and decided to fight for his future in the army.