Fearing Backlash From Settlement's Uprooting, Security Officials Assign Bodyguards to Israel's AG

Security officials fear settlers may try to harm Yehuda Weinstein due to his strong stand on the evacuation of the West Bank outpost Migron.

Tomer Zarchin
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Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein recently received a close security detail over fears that some people may want to harm him after he took a firm stand supporting the evacuation of the West Bank outpost of Migron earlier this month.

The attorney general is not usually accorded a bodyguard, but security officials decided to provide Weinstein with personal protection due to various indications that extra vigilance was required, even though no specific threats had been received.

Weinstein was behind the tough line on the evacuation taken by the State Attorney’s Office at the High Court of Justice hearings last month. The court rejected the settlers’ petition to be allowed to stay because they had purchased the land from its private Palestinian owners.

Weinstein was seen accompanied by bodyguards at several public events during the past week, including at the dedication of Lod’s new district courthouse.

Bodyguards have been appointed to protect several Justice Ministry officials in the past, most notably, a year and a half ago, when then-Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan was given a personal security detail after an online video called for his murder, claiming that he was investigating charges of incitement by Jews against Arabs but refraining from investigating Arabs for incitement against Jews.

The Justice Ministry declined to comment.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein.Credit: Flash 90