Bodyguard in Attempted Rape Case Remanded; Indictment Soon

The chief of staff's bodyguard who is suspected of rape was remanded for another four days in the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court yesterday.

Police say they plan to recommend indicting the officer, identified as captain A., soon.

The suspect's lawyers did not contest the remand extension, as they said they believe any further investigation can only support their claim that A. was severely intoxicated and cannot recall anything that occurred on the night of the incident.

A. had been celebrating his bachelor party that night. He allegedly attacked a woman he did not know in the Tel Aviv Port, dragged her away from her car and attempted to rape her alongside the Yarkon River.

The victim's mental condition has continued to improve, said her lawyer, Hedva Baum. "Her house is full of people," Baum said yesterday, "her friends and her sisters' friends have been coming to support her, as are family members."

Baum said the young woman is making no attempt to cover up the incident, and has told her family and friends.

"Her family took it very hard and is giving her all possible support," she said.

The lawyer said she believed her client's face-to-face confrontation with the suspect, which police had arranged, eased her client's mind.

"As soon as she realized she recognizes him and told him what she had to say to his face, she began to breathe again. She knew he was the person, and had no doubts about it whatsoever," said Baum. "She's a person with strong values and would never accuse someone like that for no reason."

Baum said her client failed to pick out the suspect in an earlier line-up only because it was a photo line-up, rather than live.

"She'd only seen him briefly and in the dark. But by this stage the investigation was already quite advanced, with three or four eyewitness and incontrovertible circumstances," said Baum.