What to Bring to Your Relatives in Israel

Next time you visit, bring Israeli chocolates with you, as they are cheaper in the U.S. than they are in Israel.

People always ask me what they should get in Israel to bring back home - what spices, olive oil, candies, dried fruit and chocolates are hard to find in the U.S. and are worth carrying back.

I’ll be happy to share my list of must-get Israeli treasures and will do so closer to summer travel time. For now, I have a suggestion for what you could bring your relatives in Israel next time you visit them.

How about getting them in the U.S. some good Israeli chocolates?

Israelis were shocked to find out recently that Israeli chocolate manufacturers are selling Israeli made chocolate in the U.S. for half the price of what it is sold for in Israel. With all the social justice demonstrations that rocked the country just this summer it was especially hard for Israelis to encounter once again the greediness of big business tycoons and to realize that nothing has really changed.

So next time you’re visiting Israel please bring with you some of Strauss’s Pesek Zman candy bar (only $0.69!) and Elite’s “Cow” chocolate bar - your Israeli relatives loves those chocolates, but find it more and more difficult to afford them. Your gift will be greatly appreciated!