Choose Your Rosh Hashanah 2017 Menu: Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Asian or Israeli

Haaretz's food specialist Vered Guttman curates four menus for you to wow your Jewish New Year guests.

Roasted chicken and eggplant in pomegranate and date molasses
Roasted chicken and eggplant in pomegranate and date molasses Vered Guttman

Sephardi Rosh Hashanah seder

Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews start the Rosh Hashanah meal with a series of symbolic foods.

Each of the foods, including black eyed pea, squash, pomegranate and dates, are accompanied by a blessing, called Yehi Ratzones (Yehi ratzon, meaning “May it be your will” in Hebrew), based on their name in Hebrew or Arabic.

Here are the accompanying blessings.

Chilean sea bass, prickly pear and mint ceviche.
Vered Guttman

Contemporary Israeli style Rosh Hashanah menu

Celebrate the Jewish new year with innovative recipes featuring bright Mediterranean ingredients.

Spicy carrot kugel.
Dan Perez

Ashkenazi Rosh Hashanah menu

Make this new year meal about Eastern European Jewish comfort food, with some traditional recipes and some with a twist.

Pho-chicken soup with kreplach dumplings
Vered Guttman

Asian Rosh Hashanah menu with an Israeli touch

Make this Jewish new year dinner unconventional with these Asian-inspired holiday recipes.