About the MESS Report

Welcome to the MESS (Middle East Security Survey) Report.

For more than a decade the two of us have been covering the Mideast conflict, primarily from a security-diplomatic perspective. We've witnessed wars, terror attacks and now and then peace initiatives, which, we are sorry to say, have not amounted to much.

If there is one thing that we have learnt, it is that the narrative is not simple. There is no one binding viewpoint, rather different competing perspectives, which sometimes - ironically - complement one another.

Our collaborative work - in the form of books as well as our Haaretz coverage - have allowed us to present a broader slice of reality for our readers. Now, we will try to do the same thing in this blog - and provide a bigger, credible picture from one of the most complex areas in the world. Now and then, too, we will try to present you with our own personal observations about the situation.