Romney Bars Media From Top-dollar Jerusalem Fundraiser

Republican nominee violates pre-established agreement by excluding press from $50,000 per plate fundraiser; Romney later announced that reporters would be allowed in.

After angering quite a few people in Britain for questioning London's readiness for the Olympic Games over the weekend, presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney landed in Israel and already managed to infuriate the dozens of American reporters accompanying him on his trip.

During his flight from Britain to Israel, Romney's spokesman, Rick Gorka, notified the reporters on the plane that, in contrast to previous agreements, press will not be granted access to the fundraiser held by the Republican nominee at the King David hotel in Jerusalem on Monday morning.

The numerous reporters that have accompanied Romney on his foreign policy trip claim that closing the fundraiser to the press is a violation of an agreement signed between Romney's campaign and media outlets back in April.

According to that agreement, a representative from one of the news agencies, one of the television channels, and one of the major newspapers was to be granted access to every fundraiser that would take place in a public space such as a hotel or banquet hall. Fundraisers taking place in private homes, however, were to be closed to the press.

Several major American donors are expected to participate in Romney's Jerusalem fundraiser, headed by Jewish casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who said he plans on donating $100 million to Romney to ensure the removal of U.S. President Barack Obama from the White House.

Every participant in Monday's fundraiser will be donating $50,000 to Romney.

The closing of the event to the press became the focus of the reports by the journalists who have been accompanying Romney on his Israel visit. In every report, it was emphasized that Romney has a history of sending different messages in closed-door fundraisers than in ones open to the press.

In response to the news, senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod tweeted, "After London debacle, Romney team re-institutes Mittness Protection Program. Now media will be barred from his Jerusalem fundraiser."

In another tweet, he added, "Is it because Sheldon Adelson, the SuperPac King, will be among the guests?"

Update: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has reversed course and will let reporters cover his remarks to donors at a fundraiser in Israel. Romney's campaign said on Sunday night that the typical group of reporters will be allowed to cover his fundraiser at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on Monday morning.