Ministers Debating Bill to Oblige Israeli Firms to Do Business With Settlements

Far-right MK wants to prevent companies from being able to decide where to provide products or services.


A ministerial committee is debating Sunday a bill that would oblige Israeli business not to discriminate against settlements relative to communities within the Green Line, and to provide them whatever products or public services the settlements request.

The bill passed its preliminary reading in the previous Knesset but has not advanced through the plenum.

The bill, proposed by MK Shuli Moalem (Habayit Hayehudi), adds to the list of forbidden criteria as a basis of discrimination – religion, race, country of origin and sex – place of residence.

"The bill's goal is to try to prevent the occasional refusal by product or public service providers to provide those products or services because of a consumer's place of residence or the place where he is interested in receiving the product or service," Moalem explained in her bill.

The bill submitted to the previous Knesset asserted that such places that have suffered discrimination have included "Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria or Arab villages in peripheral areas."

The law allows businesses not to supply goods only in cases where there is a security consideration.