Bike Race to Disrupt Tel Aviv Traffic

Police ask race spectators to park cars outside the city.

Nir Keidar

Many streets in Tel Aviv will be closed to traffic Wednesday from 4 A.M. to 1 P.M. because of the Sovev Tel Aviv bicycle race. There will also be changes to bus routes along the route of the race.

S.Y. Agnon Street will be closed between Levi Eshkol and Ibn Gabirol streets.

Bnei Efraim Street and Rokah Boulevard will be closed between Keren Kayemet and Ibn Gabirol streets. Hata’arukha Road will be closed from Ibn Gabirol to Dizengoff streets. All of Hayarkon, Herbert Samuel and Kaufman streets will be closed.

Jerusalem Boulevard will be closed between Rav Heller and Eilat streets. Salameh Street will be closed between Herzl Street and Jerusalem Blvd.

Kibbutz Galuyot Street will be closed between Herzl and Salameh streets. Shlabim and Heinrich Heine streets will be closed from Kibbutz Galuyot to Halohamim streets. All streets emptying into these streets will also be closed.

In addition, Route 20 (Ayalon Highway) south will be closed between the Shivat Hakokhavim and Wolfson exits.

Police have asked race spectators to use the following parking lots rather than trying to enter the city: the Bnei Brak industrial zone, the Ramat Gan Stadium, the Kiryat Shaul cemeteries, Tel Baruch, Habarzel and Raoul Wallenberg streets or the Hadar Yosef Sports Center on Sheetrit Street.

Below are the phone numbers of the information services of the bus companies operating in the Tel Aviv area, which can provide information about changes to their routes due to the race:

Dan *3456; Kavim *82254; Metropolin *5900; Egged *2800; Veolia Transportation *6686; Nativ Express 1-599-599-599; Afikim 03-525-2555.