Bennett Mocks the Left in Recruitment Video; Meretz Takes High Ground

Habayit Hayehudi leader dresses up as overly apologetic secular Jew in Tel Aviv. Meretz leader dons religious wear but refuses to make fun of fellow citizens.

Maya Horodniceanu
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Naftali Bennett reading Haaretz in downtown Tel Aviv.Credit: YouTube screen grab
Maya Horodniceanu

Naftali Bennett launched his recruitment campaign for his Habayit Hayehudi party by mocking the left on Tuesday in a video starring himself as an overly apologetic secular Jew in Tel Aviv.

Zahava Gal-On, the chairperson of Meretz, responded to the YouTube video by uploading a video of her own on Facebook, in which she refused to mock the right.

Bennett is seen in his video traipsing around Tel Aviv, effusively apologizing to a waitress who spills coffee on him, an aggressive SUV driver who rear ends his car and a woman who takes a rental bike out from under him.

He is also seen sitting with his dog on a bench on trendy Rothschild Boulevard reading Haaretz. The camera focuses on the headline of a translated New York Times opinion piece from September 2011, titled in Hebrew "Israel should apologize," and he nods in agreement, "They're right."

On Wednesday, Gal-On uploaded a short video to her Facebook page, in which she is in downtown Tel Aviv being dressed up as an ultra-Orthodox woman.

Once she is ready for the part, the video cuts to text: "You think?" the clip announces. "Meretz doesn't make fun of brothers and sisters." Then comes the message "Meretz works for everyone."