Belgian Organizations Protest Settlements Goods

Importing settlement products contradicts obligations under international law, groups say.

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Twenty Belgian human rights organizations have launched a campaign to boycott the sale of goods from Israeli settlements in Belgium, demanding that the European Union take concrete action to put an end to the occupation.

In a statement on Sunday the organizations accused Israel of displacing Palestinian residents, destroying their homes, and stealing their agricultural land and water resources, al-Jazeera reported.

They added that the current situation "will have serious consequences and is harmful to the Palestinian economy."

"Allowing the import of settlement products by Belgium and the EU countries represents a support of the occupation policy. This contradicts the legal obligations under international law that prohibit such cooperation".

Another group of Belgian organizations previously launched a campaign to impose a "military embargo" on Israel and the Belgian students union called for boycotting Israeli universities and intensifying cooperation with Palestinian academic institutions.

Boycott Israel sign (illustration)Credit: Dreamstime

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