Beinisch’s Praise for Verdict May Keep Her From Judging Appeal

Supreme Court president called day of Katsav's conviction “a sad day".

Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch may have disqualified herself from ruling on any potential appeal by former president Moshe Kastav against his rape and sexual harassment conviction, a legal source told Haaretz yesterday.

Speaking at an inauguration ceremony for judges at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, Beinisch said that “a verdict was handed down today that cannot be ignored. It’s a sad day. But perhaps this is also a day that shows what equality before the law is and what is the meaning of the oath you swore today.”

Dorit Beinisch
Moran Maayan

The legal source said it was expected Beinisch would hear any appeal the former president brought to the Supreme Court, but her comment on the verdict yesterday disqualified her from taking that role.

The courts spokeswoman said in response that as the question was purely theoretical because no appeal had yet been filed, the question did not merit a comment.