Be'er Sheva Couple Shot to Death in Possible Mob Dispute

A young couple was shot to death in Be'er Sheva early yesterday, in what police sources said appeared to be related to a conflict between local underworld figures.

Veronica Kur, 18, and Moshe Abayev, 24, were found dead in their Avidom Street apartment shortly after 3 A.M.

couple killed

A cousin of Abayev's who was staying at the apartment said someone who had a dispute with the couple came into the apartment, shot them and walked away.

"I got into the room and saw him gurgling, and then he stopped breathing," said the cousin, Viki. "Then the ambulance team came and said they were dead."

Viki said Kur and Abayev were on the couch when he found them. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police sources said the gunman seemed to know the layout of the apartment and that he called to check the couple was home before arriving.

Be'er Sheva police chief Yossi Cohen said police still had a long way to go before completing the investigation.

"The investigation is just beginning," he said. "Once the collection of evidence is completed, we will continue investigating in order to achieve results."

Shiri Meltzer, a paramedic who treated Abayev, said he was still alive when the paramedics arrived but died shortly after.

"We tried saving him, but he died," said Meltzer. "They were hit by several bullets each and lost a lot of blood."