Twitter Gaffe: Bar Refaeli Quotes the Wrong Lincoln

She attempted to convey a message of peace amid Israel-Gaza fighting, but Israel's top model made an embarrassing attribution error.


Israeli supermodel Bar Refali was only trying to convey a message of peace during these troubled times of escalated fighting between Israel and the Gaza Strip by quoting well-known words of American president Abraham Lincoln. Trouble is, she quoted the wrong Lincoln.

“There is no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good about war. Except its ending”, Bar quoted the American president who led the United States during the Civil War, freed the slaves and managed to maintain the country’s integrity, at a terrible cost of hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded, with massive destruction and a legacy of deep sentiments that are still not completely resolved.

However, these noble words were not uttered by Abe Lincoln but by someone playing him in the original Star Trek TV series. A Google search has shown that Refaeli is not the only one to have made this erroneous attribution – the "Goodreads" website it is also attributed to Lincoln, although other websites note that it is a false attribution.