Baggage Men End Airport Strike

Sanctions by temporary workers at Ben-Gurion International Airport ended following a ruling Friday by the National Labor Court. The airport workers committee and the Hi stadrut labor federation persuaded the temporary workers committee to stop their sanctions until another court hearing last night at the National Labor Court in Jerusalem.

Last night's hearing was inconclusive, and a decision was postponed until a later date.

The temporary employees went back to work just before the Sabbath in an attempt to reduce the backlog of suitcases that had piled up after three days of sanctions, which started initially as a slowdown.

The temporary employees were protesting the dismissal of 120 workers.

The regional labor court ruled Thursday night that the employees could continue their sanctions, which they began Wednesday. By Friday the airport was in complete chaos, after workers ceased loading and unloading luggage from planes. Planes took off hours late, and thousands of suitcases stood in the arrivals hall.

A few hundred arriving passengers had to return to the airport over the weekend to collect their luggage.

Friday morning, the airport management appealed the lower court's decision to the National Labor Court. The court ordered the letters on a hearing prior to dismissal not be sent and and instructed the Histadrut to demand that the workers return to their jobs.

The workers slow return to work caused continued delays, including the departure of an El Al plane after the start of Shabbat.