Award-winning Israeli Actress Critically Hurt in Ayalon Crash

The award-winning actress and Army Radio personality Bar Belfer, 21, was critically injured when her own car struck her yesterday on the Ayalon Highway, near Tel Aviv.

She is being treated at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.

At around 1:30 P.M. yesterday, a vehicle struck Belfer's car as she stood next to it. Her car smashed into her, causing her severe injury to the head and torso.

According to the initial police investigation, Belfer was driving south on the Ayalon when her car broke down near the KKL exit. She got out of her car and was standing on a traffic island waiting for a friend to help her.

Another car, driven by a 77-year-old Ramat Gan woman, swerved out of its lane and ran into Belfer's car.

Another driver, who was behind the woman who hit Belfer's car, was slightly injured when his car struck a safety barrier to avoid a collision.

A paramedic who was driving by gave Belfer first aid, and an ambulance then transported her to Ichilov.

The woman who hit Belfer's car told police she does not know why she swerved out of her lane.

Police did not publicly identify Belfer until her parents, who are abroad, were contacted.

At the age of 17, Belfer appeared in the film based on David Grossman's book "Someone to Run With," for which she was nominated for an Israeli academy award and won the Grand Jury Prize at the Miami International Film Festival.

She also starred in the Israeli television series "Masks." In July, Belfer was due to complete her military service after three years at Army Radio.