Attorney General to Investigate Speeding Claim Against Police Chief

The Ometz good government advocacy group, filed the complaint requesting the investigation of police chief speeding case be transferred from the Police to the attorney general’s office, citing potential conflict of interests.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is to examine a complaint filed against Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino after his car was filmed traveling at 159 kilometers an hour.

The Ometz good government advocacy group, which filed the complaint, had requested the transfer of the investigation from Israel Police legal adviser Shaul Gordon to the attorney general’s office, citing a potential conflict of interest.

Yohanan Danino - Moti Milrod - 02082011
Moti Milrod

Danino was promoted from Southern District commander to national police chief in May.
On June 28, a video was made public that showed Danino’s car speeding down Route 431, between Rishon Letzion and the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway.

It was filmed from a police cruiser following behind Danino’s vehicle and recorded the police chief at 159 kph in a 110-kph zone.

After the incident Danino said in a statement that he did not know when the recorded was made and therefore does not know whether he was in the car or whether his driver was on his own at the time. The occupants of the car cannot be identified from the video clip due to the curtains on its side windows.

Danino referred the investigation to Gordon. Ometz then asked Weinstein to have his office handle it because of the inherent conflict of interest in having the police force’s legal adviser examine a complaint against the national police commissioner.