TIMELINE: Attacks and Attempted Attacks Against Israeli Targets Abroad in 2012

In just seven months, Israelis around the globe were targeted eight times.

A timeline of attacks and attempted attacks against Israeli targets abroad in 2012:

July 18 - Burgas, Bulgaria: A suspected suicide bomber blows himself up in a bus carrying Israeli tourists at the airport, killing five Israelis, the Bulgarian bus driver and himself. Israel blames the attack on Iran and Hezbollah.

July 13 - Limassol, Cyprus: Police arrest a man who plotted to attack "Israeli interests" on the eastern Mediterranean island. Unconfirmed reports say the man is a member of the Iran-backed Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah.

July 2 - Mombasa, Kenya: Officials arrest two Iranians who planned to attack Israeli and other foreign targets. They were in possession of 15 kilograms of the RDX explosive material.

March 14 - Baku, Azerbaijan: Police arrest 22 Azerbaijanis suspected of being hired by Iran to attack foreign embassies in the capital. The Israeli and U.S. embassies were among the targets.

February 14 - Bangkok, Thailand: An explosion occurs at an apartment in the Thai capital rented by three Iranians. The Iranian nationals planned to target Israeli diplomats.

February 13 - New Delhi, India: The wife of an Israeli diplomat is injured when a motorist attaches an explosive device to her car at a traffic light near the Israeli embassy.

February 13 - Tbilisi, Georgia: A driver for the Israeli embassy finds a grenade taped to an embassy car.

January 1 - Sofia, Bulgaria: Authorities say they found a bomb on a bus that was due to transport Israeli tourists from the Turkish border to a Bulgarian ski resort, Israeli television reports.

Bus damaged by suicide bomb targeting Israeli tourists at the airport in Bourgas, Bulgaria.