Athletics / Frenkel Falls Short of Medal

Israeli high jumper unable to push herself further at the European Athletic Indoor Championships, settling for fourth place.

Beating her day-old Israeli record was all that kept Daniella Frenkel from being able to join the finalists and capture a historic medal yesterday, but the Israeli high jumper was unable to push herself further at the European Athletic Indoor Championships and had to settle for fourth. Frenkel, who set the national mark of 1.94 meters on Saturday to qualify for the finals, missed her final attempt at 1.96 meters.

Frenkel started the final in impressive fashion as she had done in earlier rounds. She pased the 1.82-meter, 1.87-meter and 1.92-meter marks all on her first try. She and seven other competitors faced the 1.96-meter bar, but only three jumpers cleared that height.

frenkel - AP - March 7 2011

"I worked hard for this moment, and I have been left with a taste for more," Frenkel said when it was all over.

Antonietta Di Martino of Italy won gold with a jump of 2.01 meters.

Anatoly Shafran, Frenekl's coach, also saw the experience in a positive light. "I'm happy with her performance," he said. "Her attempts at 1.96-meters proved she has more within her than this height."

Her fourth-place finish ties for the second-best performance by an Israeli athlete at the European Indoor Championships. Constantin Matosevic (high jump at Stockholm '96 ) and Rogel Nahum (triple jump at Valencia '98 ) also placed as high as Frenkel. The best performance was by Alex Averbukh, who won the pole vault event in 2000.