At Taysir Roadblock, Things Are Worse

At the Taysir roadblock between Tubas and Jenin, not only have the long waits not improved, but things have worsened.

M.P., a farmer from the northern Jordan Valley who passes through the crossing daily, told Haaretz that every day last week, he waited between 40 minutes and two hours on each side. The soldiers take their time between checks, thus causing the delay, he said. Observations by Haaretz and the human rights organization MachsomWatch confirmed his report.

M.P. said things have gotten worse over the past week, with soldiers beating and humiliating Palestinians, especially on Friday and Saturday, when no officers were on duty. He said he saw a soldier beating a man who "dared" to step one meter past the point where he was told to stop. Among other incidents, last Friday afternoon a soldier urinated next to a Palestinian woman.

The Israel Defense Forces Spokesman responded: "In recent weeks, there has been ongoing work at the Taysir checkpoint. This is to allow quicker and more comfortable passage. The claims noted have been checked, and were found to be unfounded."