At Campaign Rally, Shas Pledges 'To Take Care of Everyone'

Shas chairman Eli Yishai attacked Likud and Kadima at a campaign rally yesterday and said only his party could take care of the weak.

"Netanyahu and Livni will hurt the weak, and Shas promises to send them hundreds of millions of shekels. Yes, we can return the child allowances, yes, we can ensure a minimum wage of NIS 5,000 [a month], and you can win us 18 seats," Yishai said in Jerusalem's International Conference Center, addressing the hundreds of people gathered.

"I know Likud and Kadima will not give us the education [portfolio], but with the help of God we will reach 18 seats, and we will take the most important ministries and take care of everyone."

The party's spiritual leader, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, said every supporter must "bring 10 people who will vote for Shas, everyone should write it down, write down the names and then give it to the principal of the religious school, and we will bless everyone."

The party presented its campaign jingle yesterday, sung by a young man with a number of big hits in the ultra-Orthodox world, Midad Tash. "We will vote for Shas, we will choose Shas, Shas today for tomorrow," the lyrics go to a dance beat.