Assi Dayan Charged With Assaulting Pregnant Partner

The actor Assi Dayan was indicted yesterday on charges of assault and threats against his partner. According to the indictment, on March 27, Dayan pushed the woman, who is in the advanced stages of pregnancy, chased her while holding a knife and threatened to butcher her and injured her when he hit her with the knife.

The indictment also noted that Dayan had punched the woman the day before, and months ago, in an airport in Italy, he pushed her down and kicked her repeatedly.

The police, who said they have solid evidence against Dayan in the woman's testimony, that of family members and photographs, asked the court to remand Dayan.

Dayan said during questioning: "I didn't intend to murder her. I hit her, I didn't punch her. If I would have punched her, it would look different."

Police said that although Dayan was a psychiatric patient, he had been found fit to stand trial in the past.

Itai Ben-Nun, Dayan's public defender, said: "The complainant is not Dayan's partner and never has been. Rather, she is his supplier of Ritalin. She frequently harassed him, and all he wanted to do was disassociate from her." He said he would respond to the charges against his client in court.