The Best English-speaking Friend Assad Could Ask For, Front and Center on the Net

Susli is her shorthand moniker, and she defends Damascus against all critics, calls 9/11 an inside job and says Islamic State's beheading videos are fakes.

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Still image from Syrian Girl YouTube video `8 Reasons Why New World Order Hates Syria: Global Domination'Credit: YouTube video

She was born in Damascus and reared in Australia – and she's now one of the best English-speaking Internet friends of the Bashar Assad regime.

Susli is her shorthand moniker, along with names and handles that might include Maram Susli, Mimi al-Laham, PartisanGirl and Syrian Girl and Syrian Sister, the Daily Beast reports.

And she defends the Assad regime against all critics, blaming rebels for a gas attack in the Damascus suburbs and British intelligence for a massacre of Syrian civilians in Houla.

The 9/11 attacks were an inside job, she tweeted as PartisanGirl, the Daily Beast reported. She calls the group that executed those attacks al-CIAda.

And the videos that Islamic State has posted of one of its attackers decapitating a number of western journalists and aid workers are fakes. So Susli says, anyway, the Daily Beast reports.

She's very popular on YouTube, developing conspiracy theories. Here's an example: her discussion of the "New World Order," why it hates Syria and why it is attacking the country. 

And as for Israel, she told the Daily Beast, "I believe in a one-state solution. Muslims and Christians and Jews lived together in Palestine before the Europeans came in 1948. And they didn’t have any problems. So why shouldn’t that be possible again?”