As Kinneret Recedes, Drivers Pull Cars Up to New Water Line

Following the sharp decline in the water level of Lake Kinneret and its receding water line, many vacationers are parking their cars next to the new water line, thereby damaging the bed of the lake.

In most cases, it is owners of SUVs, some of who even wash their vehicles with water from the lake and thereby pollute it with oil and dirt.

According to Pinhas Green, director general of the Kinneret Administration, "the vehicles basically drive along what is considered the lake bed, a strip that is known as the 'shifting water-level strip.'

Vehicle tires crush, dig into and crack the earth and cause damage to the lake's ecosystem. In addition, oil and gasoline leak onto the shore and the tires emit toxic substances."

Yesterday, for example, dozens of vehicles were visible parked on the shore near the moshava of Migdal. Drivers who were approached explained that no one told them at the entrance to the beach thatto drive on lake's perimeter was not permitted. The Union of Kinneret Cities is not fighting the phenomenon, but the Kinneret Administration says it is about to launch an informational campaign along the shores about the unacceptable practice.

"First we will explain the situation to people, and at the same time, we will block the access roads," says Green, who notes that the managers of individual beaches also bear some responsibility in this matter. "Later on," he warns, "we will issue tickets in accordance with the law prohibiting vehicle traffic on the beaches, a law that also applies to the beaches of Lake Kinneret."