Is This Where the Israelites Camped on Their Way to Canaan 3,200 Years Ago?

Stone structures found in the Jordan Valley wasteland may have been erected by the Israelites crossing, very slowly, into Canaan, archaeologists postulate

Exposed structures at Khirbet el-Mastarah
Exposed structures at Khirbet el-Mastarah: Any pottery that might have been inside the structures could have been washed awayCredit: The Jordan Valley Excavation Project
Philippe Bohstrom
Ruth Schuster

How did ancient Israel come to be? Did the early Israelites reach Canaan from the eastern wilderness by crossing the Jordan River opposite Jericho, as the Book of Joshua says? Or did the Israelites originate in Canaan in the first place, as part of the indigenous population?

No archaeological evidence has ever been found of the migration of the Israelites from the wilderness of Sinai via the Jordan Valley to the fertile land of Canaan, as described in the Bible. Nor has evidence of the pitched battles the Israelites were said to have had, as described by the Prophet Joshua, with the locals, whether in Jericho or elsewhere.