Whole Nuclear Family Found in Ancient Phoenician Tomb in Israel

`The remains of what seems to be a cherished child buried with its unadorned parents in Achziv 2,800 years ago indicate they lived well and died a century before the Assyrians arrived

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Cypriot and Phoenician pottery with metal bowl and beads found with three bodies in the Phoenician grave at Achziv
Cypriot and Phoenician pottery, bronze bowl, necklace found in the Phoenician grave at Achziv Credit: Valdimir Neikhin

A 2,800-year-old grave of what seems to be a nuclear family, a child buried with its parents, has been discovered in the Phoenician port city of Achziv. The child had been interred wearing a necklace made of precious beads made of gold, silver, agate, amber and carnelian.

Together with the family’s remains, the archaeologists also found a bronze bowl and seven intact decorated vessels. The quality of the child’s necklace and the elaborate nature of the vessels indicate that the family was well off, the archaeologists suggest.