Reliquary of Jesus’ Apostles May Have Been Found in Israel, Archaeologist Says

Carved basalt with three depressions had been repurposed in Ottoman-era house that had been blown up by Israeli forces; now rediscovered in el-Araj, the proposed hometown of Peter, Andrew and Philip

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Beit Habek
Beit Habek, el-ArajCredit: זקרי וונג Zachary Won
Reliquary found in el-Araj, carved out of basalt rock, which Dr. Mordechai Aviam suspects had housed relics from the bodies of apostles Peter, Andrew and PhilipCredit: Dr. Mordechai Aviam
Lioness relief in basalt found in putative site of Bethsaida. She weighs about 600 kilos.Credit: Dr. Mordechai Aviam
Red plaster from Byzantine churchCredit: Dr. Mordechai Aviam