Arab Spring Election Results: Allah Won

We must overcome bad feelings and squabbles from the past and work together; in the face of Allah and the mighty God of Israel, it is imperative to unite the enlightened Zionists.

Ten months after the great Arab uprising began, the picture is clear - Allah won. The Google boys are gone. The liberal intellectuals are gone. Those who promised us liberty, equality and fraternity are gone.

We didn't get the American Revolution of 1776 or the French Revolution of 1789. We didn't even get Eastern Europe's Velvet Revolution of 1989. The Arab revolution of 2011 is a religious revolution. The power replacing the secular dictatorships of the corrupt Arab officers is Islam. No Martin Luther King is on the horizon, no Mahatma Gandhi and no Vaclav Havel.

Barack Obama's decision to stick a knife in Hosni Mubarak's back had one result - it took the religious genie out of the Middle Eastern bottle. Under the auspices of the sinking West, Allah is returning. Allah rules. Oh Allah.

But Allah is not alone. The mighty God of Israel is also coming back. He is back in the edict that a firing squad is better than women singing. He is back in the ban on displaying women's pictures in public; in the segregation between male and female in every public place. Jewish fanatics are launching a frontal attack on the minority, the individual and human rights. They are beleaguering the Supreme Court, the free media and open society.

An unprecedented surge of racism against Arabs, hatred of secular people and oppression of women is threatening to turn enlightened Israel into dark Israel. While people here deliberate over whether Israel should bomb Iran, some are trying to turn Israel into Iran. What the Muslim Brotherhood is generating in Tunis, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and Syria, the Jewish brotherhood is trying to generate in the Jewish state. While Arab modernity is collapsing, Israeli modernity is cracking. God is back. God is spewing sparks. Oh God.

But there's no need to get carried away. There's a huge difference between the two phenomena. In the Arab world it encompasses the majority. In Israel it encompasses a minority. In the Arab world fanaticism is taking power, in Israel fanaticism is gnawing at the fringes of power.

Unlike the Arabs, Israelis are citizens of a liberal democracy that still respects their rights and freedoms. But the two phenomena have things in common, because neither the Arab world nor the Jewish people have undergone the methodical laical revolution that Christian Europe has undergone. Neither the Arab states nor Israel have really separated religion from state. Neither the mosque nor the synagogue have been kept out of politics. So both the Arab identity and the Jewish identity still contain a deep religious component.

This is why when secular Arab nationalism collapses, the response is a return to Allah. When Jewish secular nationalism crumbles, the response is a return to the mighty God of Israel. Both the Arabs and the Israelis are returning to a dark past from which they had tried to escape.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Gideon Sa'ar, Yuval Steinitz and Zvi Hauser are supposed to understand what's going on. They are supposed to understand that they are playing with fire. The only way Israel can deal with the Islamic wave about to flood it is through enlightenment. Only by being a state of progress can we protect ourselves. So the Trojan horse in our midst is not the left, but religious fundamentalism. But the so-called nationalist government is the one opening the gates to the Trojan horse. The so-called nationalist government is the one weakening Israel and undermining the foundations of its existence.

It's time for the secular right to realize that if Israel becomes Iran, it will have no chance. It will implode and get swallowed up in the regional religious darkness. The only way to sustain the Zionist project is to return to its basic values - progress, progress, progress.

But to do so the political map must be changed completely. We must overcome bad feelings and squabbles from the past and work together. In the face of Allah and the mighty God of Israel, it is imperative to unite the enlightened Zionists.

קראו כתבה זו בעברית: האחים המוסלמים והאחים היהודים