Anti-Israel Entity Boasts of Hacking 100 Israeli Websites

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Message on The website was working just fine.Credit: Screenshot

A claim by an entity on Facebook using the handle "AnonGhost Official" to have hacked over 100 Israeli websites has made its way through an Israeli web forum to Iran's Fars News Agency, which attributed the alleged feat to pro-Palestinian "hactivists."

A survey of the list could not verify whether all the sites were genuine. For example, one allegedly hacked site was, while the official website of Israel's kibbutz movement is Verified legitimate sites were up and running when visited Sunday morning.

A few other sites looked hacked, but their web addresses could not be found through a Google search. For example, there was an anti-Israeli message on the website, although a search for such a website on Sunday turned up, which was working just fine.

The Facebook site also claimed on Sunday morning to have hacked the website of the World Zionist Organization, although a check less than six hours later found the site to be working.

A user on the Israeli web forum Rotter wrote in Hebrew on Friday night that a group of hackers called AnonGhost had published a list of over 100 Israeli sites they had hacked. The user wrote that he checked some of the sites and confirmed that they were hacked, though the user did not specify which ones. Then, the person left a link to AnonGhost's Facebook page bearing the names of the allegedly hacked sites.

A couple of users commented on Saturday that the websites were inferior or marginal at best. Another user called the hackers "script kiddies," a pejorative term referring to unskilled coders, usually juveniles, who used scripts used by others to impressive their friends or gain credit in computer-enthusiast communities, as described by Wikipedia.

Still, the dubiousness of the alleged attacks did not stop Fars from attributing to Rotter the assertion that the hackers had "breached and sabotaged Israeli and American websites last night." The user on Rotter made no mention of American websites.

"The hacking group, which regularly wages spates of cyberattacks on Israeli websites and personal accounts on the internet, threatened to resume its attacks soon," added FNA. "The group said its attacks are launched in retaliation to Israel's crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank."

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