Anti-fence Groups: Officer Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity

Leftist groups handed out flyers yesterday charging the military commander responsible for the West Bank villages of Bil'in and Na'alin with suspected crimes against humanity.

The move comes in the wake of the army's decision earlier this month that the stretch of the separation fence abutting the villages is to be considered a closed military zone every Friday for six months, in a bid to control weekly protests there against the barrier.

The flyers bear the image of Col. Aviv Reshef, commander of Binyamin Brigade (responsible for the area around Ramallah), who is shown behind a barbed wire fence during one of the anti-fence demonstrations.

Reshef's name does not appear, but he is described in English as the "Israeli army commander of Bil'in area, Palestine: Suspected of committing crimes against humanity." The flyer instructs anyone who sees Reshef to treat him as "armed and dangerous," and to "notify authorities immediately." It also includes excerpts from the Geneva and Hague statutes on war crimes.

Israel Defense Forces officials immediately condemned the personal attack on the commander.

The incident is the second in recent days in which specific security forces personnel have been singled out for attack.

Right-wing activists distributed flyers several days ago denigrating a Shin Bet security service brigade commander, a religiously observant West Bank settler, for working "against Jews."

Distribution of flyers is one of a number of measures taken recently by right-wing activists against police, army and Civil Administration authorities charged with implementing the freeze on settlement construction.