Anti-aircraft Exercise With U.S. Today Focuses on Arrow, Patriot

Anti-aircraft units from the U.S. Army and the Israel Defense Forces will hold an extensive joint anti-aircraft exercise in Israel today.

The forces will practice the coordinated operation of anti-aircraft systems including the Arrow anti-ballistic intercepter missile and the Patriot missile air defense batteries.

Anti-aircraft units of the American ground forces have arrived in Israel meanwhile to participate in the exercise, code-named Juniper Cobra. The American and Israeli military have a long tradition of working together, dating

back to the first Gulf war of 1991.

During the second war against Iraq in 2003, the U.S. sent additional anti-aircraft units here and their deployment began in a previous Juniper Cobra exercise.

As on earlier occasions, today's exercise will examine the extent of coordination between the two sides in various attack scenarios. The exercises will also test air defense systems at different heights, with the Arrow providing protection at great heights and the Patriot at lower heights.