Analysis / Steinitz Plays 'Survivor'

Will Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz survive in his post longer than Dan Meridor or Yaakov Neeman?

Shelly Yachimovich got it wrong this time. She said Bibi hadn't changed but was the same capitalist who mercilessly harms the poor, the elderly and the ill.

She didn't notice the huge change in Bibi. He did everything he doesn't believe in in the last economic plan. His plan should be called "Survivor VIP." For his survival he was willing to give up his entire ideology - cutbacks, tax reduction, reforms, slashing allowances and privatizations - as long as the coalition is stable.

To top it all, the man who sanctified tax reduction as "jet fuel for growth" is raising taxes - both VAT and the National Insurance ceiling. This is bad for growth and employment.

Another dubious achievement of Netanyahu's yesterday was dismantling the Finance Ministry. He made a mockery of the budget's division and caused budget director Ram Belinkov to resign.

Steinitz yesterday defended the budget and prime minister on every television channel. He must have forgotten that Netanyahu fired his treasurers Meridor and Neeman after a year in office. Will this be Steinitz's lot as well?