An Open Letter From the Publisher: Subscribe to Haaretz and Help Shape Israel

'If you are interested in Israel, this is the smart thing to do. If you care about Israel, it is also the right thing to do.'

Two years ago our website,, introduced its subscription-based readership and many thousands of subscribers signed up. They enjoy full access to all Haaretz content. I want to urge you today to join them and purchase a subscription to Haaretz, Israel's leading source for news and opinion.

By doing so, you will become a partner in the ongoing effort to shape Israel as a liberal and constitutional democracy that cherishes the values of pluralism and civil and human rights. You will become a partner in actively supporting the two-state solution and the right to Palestinian self-determination, which will enable Israel to rid itself of the burdens of territorial occupation and the control of another people.

David Remnick wrote in The New Yorker that Haaretz "is easily the most liberal newspaper in Israel, and arguably the most liberal institution in a country that has moved inexorably to the right in the past decade."  Influencing the way Israel evolves is a daily effort of news gathering, reporting developments and creating editorial positions and sometimes campaigns to prevent negative outcomes and encourage positive ones. We have been successful in many cases, but we need your support and partnership.

By subscribing, you will have access to the best source for news, commentary and opinion about Israel. We have recently upgraded our newsroom, redesigned our website, and dramatically expanded our news coverage, comment and opinion. This year Peter Beinart, one of America's eminent journalists, joined our ranks, along with opinion makers like Seth Lipsky and Rabbi Eliyahu Fink. They have strengthened our veteran team of writers, which includes Ari Shavit, Gideon Levy, Chemi Shalev, Bradley Burston, Judy Maltz, Barak Ravid, Allison Kaplan Sommer and Anshel Pfeffer, to name a few.

To put it plainly: If news is coming out of Israel, it is coming from Haaretz more often than not, and if views are sparking controversy, debate and reflection throughout the Middle East or the Jewish world, they either came from Haaretz or are playing themselves out in our op-eds, comments and blogs.

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank the many thousands of dedicated Haaretz readers who have already purchased a subscription and shown their appreciation for the indispensable role we fill in Israeli journalism in particular and Israeli society as a whole. I encourage those who may have hesitated to become members of our Haaretz club now. For a limited time you can get a 30% discount on your subscription. Click here to subscribe, using the following offer code: BDAY2.

If you are interested in Israel, this is the smart thing to do. If you care about Israel, it is also the right thing to do.


Amos Schocken