An Israeli Photographer on the ISIS Front

Eddie Gerald documented the battles between Kurdish fighters and Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

Eddie Gerald

"I don't tend to go shopping abroad. We have everything here. And since I don't like to carry a lot of things, I am obsessively searching for something very small that encapsulates my experience in countries I visit. In the area we visited in Syria I found no such object. I couldn't find one at the bazaar nor at the local market, so I looked through the photographs I took. I was looking for one scene or one photograph that would symbolize the experience of visiting a torn and bleeding country. I thought I'd find such a symbol in our documentation of sniper and mortar fire on an ISIS post a few meters away from us."

Eddie Gerald is an independent photographer who specializes in documentary projects, mostly abroad, and teaches at the Hadassah College of Technology in Jerusalem. He is represented by the Laif Agency in Germany. In October, the Uvda investigative journalism program sent him, together with Itai Anghel, to northern Iraq and Syria. During their visit, Gerald and Anghel documented places of combat and interviewed members of Islamic State who had been captured by the Kurds. This was the first time that Western journalists were allowed access to the captives. The film will be shown on Uvda on Monday, December 22, at 9 P.M.