Amikam's Second Front: Galant Neighbor Faces Court for Allegedly Misusing Land

Plaintiffs claim Guri Rosen built a cowshed, feed storage facility without a permit, as well as a fence that appropriated public lands earmarked for pasture and nature reserve.

A friend and former business partner of Yoav Galant's family from Moshav Amikam is being sued by several neighbors for building without a permit, appropriating land and causing environmental nuisance.

In their suit, the plaintiffs claim that Guri Rosen built a cowshed and feed storage facility without a permit and in close proximity to homes on the moshav, as well as a fence that appropriated public lands earmarked for pasture and a nature reserve.

According to the plaintiffs, Rosen's cattle operation damaged open areas and were a source of extreme odor nuisance as well as posing a health risk to residents as a result of exposure to dust from the charcoal used in their feed.

They are demanding that Rosen move his cattle operation from the vicinity of their homes and also asking for NIS 1.48 million in compensation.

Attached to the lawsuit are documents from state zoning and water authorities confirming Rosen's illegal construction activities and damage to water sources.

Two years ago the High Court of Justice heard a petition against Rosen, Galant and Brig. Gen. Erez Zuckerman alleging construction without a permit and environmental violations, as well as claiming that Galant had illicitly obtained agricultural land near Amikam. The court rejected the petition and noted that the plaintiffs had withdrawn their allegations against Galant and Zuckerman but not against Rosen. At the time Galant's wife, Claudia, was listed as an owner of Rosen's cattle operation, but she is not a current owner.