Alperon's Shiva Ends, Son Remains in Jail

A court yesterday refused to release Dror Alperon from jail to attend his father's shiva, lest he use the furlough to plot revenge on his father's killers.

Yesterday was the last day of the shiva, or seven-day Jewish mourning period, for Ya'akov Alperon, killed in a suspected gangland hit last week.

Dror and a minor from the Alperon family had been arrested and indicted for extortion shortly before the murder, and the minor was released for the entire shiva. But the Prison Service refused to allow Dror out of jail, even for a few hours, and yesterday the Tel Aviv District Court upheld that decision.

In its ruling, the court noted that Dror had publicly threatened revenge on his father's killers at the funeral, and letting him attend the shiva, where he would naturally meet many of his other underworld relatives, would give him a perfect opportunity to devise a plan to carry out this threat.

The court also said that Dror's attendance at the shiva could endanger both him and the prison guards who would have to accompany him, because his threats at the funeral could make him a target for assassination by rival gangs. The tension that marked the funeral, which led law-enforcement agencies to fear that violence might erupt there, has not dissipated, the court said.