Coalition Airstrike Kills 17 ISIS Militants, Nine Civilians in Iraq

Arabic channel says Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was at site of strike, citing 'anonymous sources.'


REUTERS – A coalition air strike near the Iraqi border town of Al-Qaim killed at least 17 Islamic State militants and nine civilians overnight, a hospital source said.

Arabic channel Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath said Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was there, citing "anonymous sources," but the information could not be confirmed.

The source in Al-Qaim hospital said 29 militants were wounded in the strike targeting Islamic State positions in Al-Rumana and Husaiba areas, and some were taken across the border to Syria for treatment.

Islamic State daily radio broadcast Al-Bayan said "Crusader Safavid" air strikes near Al-Qaim had killed three people and wounded others including women and children, using the derogatory term they use for the anti-Islamic State coalition.

Al-Qaim is about 330 kilometers (200 miles) northwest of Baghdad.

Separately, coalition planes bombed Al-Rutba district, 385 kilometers west of Baghdad, killing six Islamic State militants and 11 civilians, according to a source in the local hospital.