After Comptroller's Probe, Weinstein to Rule on Galant Land Case Next Week

Sources at the State Comptroller's Office said Monday that by week's end they are likely to give an opinion to Weinstein on the land affair.

The investigation by the State Comptroller's Office into the use of land at Moshav Amikam by Major General Yoav Galant continued yesterday. The team appointed by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss held internal discussions following Galant's deposition on Sunday.

Yoav Galant
Moti Kimche

Haaretz learned yesterday that the meeting was meant to help outline the case and identify points which required further clarification or information from sources such as the Israel Lands Administration.

The information provided by Galant to the State Comptroller has not yet been relayed to the office of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein. This was unlike the case in which the raw data was provided to Weinstein immediately following the testimony of the newly selected police commissioner, Major General Yohanan Danino, on the murders of police witnesses.

Sources at the State Comptroller's Office said yesterday that by week's end they are likely to give an opinion to Weinstein on the land affair.

It is expected that the opinion will not include an answer to the question whether Galant is qualified to serve, or not, as the new IDF chief of staff, but will detail the unfolding of events which resulted in state lands coming into the general's ownership.

It is also not unlikely that the investigating team at the State Comptroller's Office will note the problematic conduct of Galant in some of the matters being investigated.

Following the investigation, which also includes a look into the conduct of the Israel Lands Administration, Weinstein will have to decide on the basis of the report, probably next week.

The team set up by Lindenstrauss comprises five members: One is Boaz Anar, deputy director of the State Comptroller's Office and head of the section examining ministries and government offices in Tel Aviv. Anar is highly regarded by Lindenstrauss and was involved in the probe into the health maintenance organizations, and particularly the Meuhedet HMO. Anar was also part of the team looking into wire taps, and played a key role in the investigation of the "kiss affair" of former minister Haim Ramon.

Also on the team is Benny Goldman, a member of the staff of Anar's section. Goldman, 45, has worked at the State Comptroller's Office since 1990, and has a degree in economics and an MBA.

He is well versed in the ILA, having worked on the files of both the ILA and the Ministry of Agriculture. Goldman was involved in one of the reports that led to a direct clash between Lindenstrauss and outgoing Civil Service Commissioner, Shmuel Hollander over the state comptroller's report that the commission had routinely permitted the employment of persons before a tender was issued, contrary to a High Court decision.

Attorney Arie Rotter, a senior adviser to the state comptroller, is also actively involved in the investigation. Rotter headed the legal section at the Shin Bet security service for seven years and since 2010 is adviser to Lindenstrauss.

Attorney Tzachi Sa'ad, a senior assistant to the state comptroller charged with public complaints is also involve in the probe.

Another member of the team is architect Aryeh Shnitzer, who is also a member of Goldman's section.