Advocacy Group Pushing for Better Child Protection Laws

The National Council for the Child yesterday announced a list of 50 bills it hopes the 18th Knesset will legislate into law. These include forcing sex offenders to undergo HIV testing and allowing teen sexual assault victims to undergo medical tests without their parents present. The child advocacy group plans to submit the list to the children's rights lobby in the Knesset, which is headed by Yisrael Beiteinu MK Orli Levy.

Legislation began in the previous Knesset on some of the 50 child protection bills and can be expedited now. The chances of passing a bill into law decrease as the cost of the bill rises, such as in the case of a proposal to provide free dental care to children.

Several bills cover improving the protection and treatment of child sex assault victims, including court-ordered HIV testing for sex offenders so children don't have to undergo unnecessary preventative treatments. The list also includes allowing teens the option of undergoing preliminary medical testing and treatment without their parents present, in the event they don't want them involved.

Levy has stated she would like to expand the prohibition on employing sex offenders in institutions that serve children in any way.